Project Description

Knife Heat Treating

Metalex performs knife heat treating. It is one of our foremost specialties. We have expertise with many different types of knife steels and blade shapes and sizes. As a result, Provision Knives trusts Metalex Thermal Specialties with their blades. Provision Knives is a custom knife maker in Loveland, Colorado. They produce beautiful high quality, hand crafted knives. Even the wood handle is custom and hand crafted. Visit Provision Knives website to see their completed hand crafted knives. Also view the images below to see examples of knives Metalex has heat treated. Metalex Thermal Specialties performs the heat treat process on these knives, ensuring they achieve the right hardness and correct metallurgical properties. This allows the knives to hold their edge during repeated use.

Vacuum Treating Process

When we heat treat knives we employ a proprietary fixturing system ensuring blades do not warp during the hardening process. Metalex is able to achieve the high hardness knife blades require using our vacuum hardening process. As a result, knife blades come out bright and clean. They look better than before they were heat treated. This also cuts down on any post-processing that would need to be done with oil hardened blades.